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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How Do Sperm Recognize Eggs? Mechanism Finally Found

It’s the stuff of 3rd-grade sex ed: sperm meets egg to make baby. But, surprisingly, scientists have actually been in the dark about one crucial step: how the two sex cells recognize each other amidst the fluid frenzy in the Fallopian tubes. Now researchers have announced that they’ve found the missing piece of this fertilization puzzle, and that the discovery could lead to individualized fertility treatments and hormone-free birth control.
Back in 2005, researchers found the first half of the the puzzle: a binding protein on the surface of sperm they called Izumol (after a Japanese marriage shrine). In the decade since then, scientists have been searching for Izumol’s counterpart on egg cells. Essentially, they’d found the plug but couldn’t locate the outlet.
Today researchers at Cambridge announced they’ve found that outlet: a receptor protein on the surface of the egg cell. They’ve found it on the eggs of pigs, opossums, mice and even humans.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

How Race Is Made (Race is a lie)

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Race Is A Lie

Indians are being referred as "Caucasians." So are Persians and Arabs. The term Caucasian comes from the Caucasus mountains. This is a perfect example of race as an ideological construct and not as an objective fact.

The early European people were Indo-Europeans as in Indians who travelled to Europe. Indo-European languages are one of the largest language families in the world. Contemporary Indo-European languages include Italic (Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, French, Romanian) German, Greek (and other Hellenic languages) many of the Baltic languages and many, many other extinct or dying languages.

Hitler's term for "white" people, Aryan comes from the people of the Northern India region, or Indo-Aryan.

The deposed Shah of Iran held a lofty title which included: King of the Caucasus. The name for Iran itself comes from Ayran. The moral of this is: race is a lie. There is no such thing as race. Race is an ideological contstruct that varies from locality and points in history.

The Hatred From Whites Towards Blacks Has A Reason

Blacks and Mixed-race people have ruled over the world for a very long time. Even in Europe blacks and mixed-race people were ruling over people (though this fact you won't find in History books), but unfortunately they have done some very evil and mean things in the past against whites: sometimes they were murdered because they were different. This is why hatred begun in whites against blacks: because they were mistreated all the time. Hence the reason they faught themselves free from black people and started to lie about historic facts. From a human standpoint it is quite understandable whites disliked blacks, but now the hatred has come so far to the point of madness, that they have created falsehoods about blacks and other coloured people and used it to teach/indoctrinate themselves and coloured people. Unfortunately their hatres goes so far, that they rather believe they're coming from apes, than that they're from blacks! Freeing yourself from pain and evilness is good, but to continue with evil and lies is a bad, bad thing as well. This is a very good proof that shows that no one is better. We ALL have done bad and evil things.

Watch this very interesting video.


There is something very interesting in people with albinism. Ethnicities can be often distinguished by their physical appearances. People from African descent are mostly distinguished by their dark skin colour, curly hair, sometimes lips and noses. The same goes for Asian people. But when they are albinos, they suddenly look somewhat caucasoid, despite their typical phenotype. Below are pictures I've ensembled, from (coloured) people who suffer from albinism. In other words: any so called "race" is able to produce white offsprings. If you take a look at Indian albinos and compare them to Europeans, you can immediately see the resemblance between them. It's quite remarkable that white folks show African albinos many times, but hardly ever talk about Indian albinos or albinos from other races. Perhaps because it will show their true identity?

African Albinos





Afro American Albinos



Afro Brazilian Albino

Mongoloid Albinos

Indian Albinos