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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Soft Soap

 The brand Driehoek is a well-known soft soap in The Netherlands.

Soft soap, also called green soap or brown soap, is a soft and gentle soap with a yellowish-brown colour that is mostly used as a household detergent.

Originally soft soap was made of hemp oil. This oil is naturally
coloured greenish, thus making the soap that was made ​​of it, a little bit green. Hemp oil was used because it was a cheap byproduct of the rope-makers.

Nowadays, soft soap is usually made of other cheap vegetable oils, for example soybean oil or turnip oil. The soap is week because the oil is saponified with potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide, such as hard soap.

Soft soap has the reputation of being a particular good degreaser. It is used, for example,
to get extra contaminated hands (with lubricating oil) clean, but also in removing persistent grease stains from fabrics. However, many modern synthetic surface-active agents have a considerably larger grease dissolving capacity than grease-dissolving soap.

Soft soap is usually not perfumed and has therefore the characteristic own soap fragrance that is not appreciated by everyone, while others are satisfied with the scent, described by them as "old-fashioned scent" and associate this scent with "clean".