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Friday, May 1, 2015

Why are white people more milk (lactose) tolerant?

Ever notice why white people have far more tolerance for milk, being the most lactose tolerant?
Below it will be explained why this is the case.

Because white skin reflects sunlight, so the amount of vitamin D that's synthesized in the body will be reduced and this automatically decreases the calcium levels in the blood. To compensate this, the body depletes calcium from the bones, leaving the bones porous and weak. This on itself causes the bones susceptible to osteoporosis, so the body always needs calcium because it is always robbed from it.

People, after reaching a certain age, actually no longer need milk and should be waned off of it.  In the wild, you won't see a full grown animal still getting milk from its mother. Dark skinned people actually don't have to drink milk.  They can get all the Vitamin D they need if there is enough sunshine, whereas Caucasians need supplements to help them make up for the Vitamin D deficiency.  This is why most people who are lactose intolerant are dark skinned and why people with fair skin are not only the most lactose tolerant, but do need Vitamin D the most.

In the supermarket, in many products, calcium has been added from orange juice and other fruit juices to breakfast cereal. All that extra calcium fortification is to aid Caucasians in their inability to maintain healthy vitamin D levels in their bodies.

In Europe it is said that dark skinned people need extra Vitamin D supplements, because the sun isn't shining so much in Europe and therefore they cannot make enough Vitamin D in their body. This is a wrong assumption that it only counts for them, because Vitamin D is being synthesized by sunlight and that counts for everyone, not only dark-skinned people so that means Vitamin D levels for people living in Europe  or in other colder climates are lower than in people who live in warmer climates.

It is most commonly known that there is not much sunshine in Ireland. This is what Wikipedia says:

"In Ireland, almost three-quarters of adults are low vitamin D intakes (3.2 micrograms of food)."

 "Food with added vitamin D are the main source of vitamin D in the diet. In the United States it is since the 1930s that  Vitamin D is added to milk products, causing rickets to be virtually eliminated."

This is why Europe also uses standards for added calcium,  in order to maintain a healthy population.